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Mens Safety Lace Up Boots

Oliver 150mm Brown L/Up Safety Boot

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Manufacturer: OLIVER
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Abraision resistant sole
High density, hard wearing outsole provides superior abrasion resistance.

Heat Resistant sole (266o F)
Heat resistant low density TPU polyurethane sole up to 130oC.

Heat Resistant sole (572o F)
Heat resistant low density PU polyurethane sole up to 300oC.

Minimises the build up of electrostatic charges and provides protection against the risk of spark ignition for such hazards as flammable materials and gases.

Electrical Resistant
Electrical Hazard (EH) Protection reduces the danger of accidental contact with live electrical circuits in accordance with ASTM F2413-11.

Resistant to organic oils & fats
Our soling technology provides resistance to natural oils and fats to protect your boots.

Offers a 3 year guarantee against the effects of hydrolysis and microbiotic attack on the sole.

Resistant to mineral oils & acids
Your boots have added protection when they come in contact with acidity and other corrosive mineral substances.

Cut resistant sole
Our hardwearing PU outsoles provide superior resistance to splitting and cracking.

Slip Resistant Sole
The following abbreviations provide information about slip resistance ratings:

SRA: Slip resistance tested on ceramic tile floor with sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) solution.
SRB: Slip resistance tested on steel floor with glycerol.
SRC: Slip resistance tested on both ceramic tile floor with SLS solution and steel floor with glycerol..

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