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Cooling Products

Thorzt Sub Zero Chilly Vest

Code No: MSCV

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Manufacturer: PRO CHOICE

Thorzt SubZero Chilly Vest contains copolymer cooling crystals in strategically placed panels. Cooling crystals absorbs up to 500 times their weight in water, transforming into a cool gel that takes on the temperature of the water in which it is submerged. The Chilly Vest can improve performance and reduce the liklihood of heat stress in extreme conditions.

Inner Fabric - Micron Knit - 100% Australian Merino Wool for temperature and odour control.

Outer Fabric - Coolmesh - 100% Australian made high performance sports fabric uses a moisture managment system and multi-filament technology for comfort and durability.

Cooling Crystals - Non-Toxic, high performance Polyacrylate/Polyalcohol Copolymer



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