November 25, 2015


The best way to protect yourself from UV rays is to stay out of the sun. This is near impossible on most work sites. So that means covering up. Not only with clothing and hats but using a SPF30+ or SPF50+ sunscreen.

From Lip balms to 2 litre pump packs, we have a great range of sunscreens to suit your work needs.

Did you now that applying sunscreen is best on clean dry skin and at least 15 minutes before going outside. Re-applying every 2 hours will maintain protection.

Summer is nearly here. Stay protected and block those UV rays.



November 19, 2015

OnePlus anti vibration

It is important to choose the right glove for the right job. It must fit well and protect you against hazards of a task. It must also have excellent grip.

Gloves come in a range of styles/finishes and to suit your working environment and meet industry standards…. But what glove do you choose?

Here are a list of the most common gloves/style/finishes and uses;

EN 420 – General Requirements
EN 12477 – Gloves for Welders
EN 511 – Protection from Cold
EN 388 – Mechanical Risks
EN 374 – Chemical Risks
EN 407 – Thermal Risks Heat & Fire

Thumbs Styles: Wing Thumb – designed for open hand work
Keystone Thumb – designed for precision work

Cuff Styles:
Knitted Wrist – Prevents particles and dirt entering the glove
Safety Cuff – Additional wrist protection
Gauntlet Cuff – Longer cuff for forearm protection
Also available for disposable gloves – Straight cuff, Beaded cuff and Pinked cuff

There are many different materials used in gloves such as;
Natural Latex/Rubber
Neoprene Rubber
Nitrile Rubber
PVC (Vinyl)
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November 12, 2015


Choose the right Respiratory Protection for your work environment. Breathe easier knowing you are protected from airborne hazards such as Dust, Mist, Fumes, Vapour, and Gas.

Don’t know which type of mask to use? Let’s work that out for you;

DISPOSABLE MASK – A Maintenance free, single shift/single use item. The mask can be used for a maximum 8 hours. Available with or without valves. P1 rating – protects against mechanically generated particles. P2 rating – protects against mechanically and thermally generated particles.

COMBINATION MASK – Combines the filtration capabilities of gas/vapour and particulate filters. use when you need the added protection of filtration from multiple types of substances.

HALF MASK RESPIRATOR – A Close fitting device that covers the nose, mouth and chin. Secured with a head strap, this is a must have item for when certain gases and vapours are required to be moved from inhaled air. Cartridges and filters available.

HEARING PROTECTION – Earplugs and Earmuffs

November 4, 2015

EPYU (1)

Exposure to hazardous noise levels at work causes permanent hearing impairment. To prevent this from occurring you should make an investment in Certified protective devices such as earplugs and earmuffs.

Earmuffs – Suppress unwanted noise by completely covering the outer ear. Choose from Headband, Neckband and Hard hat attachment styles.

Disposable Earplugs – Made from PU foam, these are compressed and inserted in the ear canal. Once expanded they seal against noise. Economical and for single use, they are available in corded and uncorded.

Reusable Earplugs – Available in corded and uncorded, these are made from pre-moulded, washable silicone and fit snug in the ear canal.

Banded Earplugs – A convenient, easily inserted option for those workers who are constantly in and out of noisy areas.

Metal Detectable Ear Plugs – A must for processing lines. Each plug has a metal tab and the cord is metalized to be detected if they accidentally fall into processing line.

Once your hearing has been damaged there is no way to repair it.


October 29, 2015

standards image v9

Hard hat protection is a must on most worksites in Australia. A hard hat will protect your head from injury from falling objects, bad weather, debris.

Always ensure your hard hat is certified and meets industry standards.

Hard hats come with a variety of features to suit you work needs. Short peak/Long peak, Vented/Unvented, Shape, Harness, Printing options.

Most hard hats have accessories such as; Reflective Strips, Chin Straps, Sweatband, Brims, Earmuff attachments.


October 21, 2015

9202 (1)

Why wear eye protection? Industrial related eye injuries are commonly caused by chemical splashes, metal or plastic debris hitting the eye, tools accidently striking the face and improper use of equipment.

Did you know that there protective eyewear solutions for all work environments?

Choose the right lens for the job;

Amber Lenses – Absorption of blue light and produces contrast enhancement in low light

Clear Lenses – Provides protection against general indoor hazards

Smoke Lenses – Filets harmful UV rays and reduces glare from artificial light

Polarised Lenses – Filter glare and enhance contrast

Mirror Lenses – Reflects glare

Indoor/Outdoor Lenses – Allows more visible light and reduces glare from artificial light

Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 3, 2015


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Just because you may work outdoors, you can still support The National Breast Cancer Foundation by purchasing specialty products from Footwear to Hi Vis Wear.

From Steel Blue choose the Pink or Purple Southern work boot. $10 from every boot sold in donated to help support people affected by Breast Cancer.

Give Breast Cancer the Boot.

Real men Wear Pink

September 4, 2015

BS6896 Pink

Bisley work wear and the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) have teamed up for the Real men wear Pink Campaign. $3 from the sale of each specialty shirt goes back to the NBCF.

Are you ready to man up and wear Pink?